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Abode Aquifier Filter

£ 35.50

Shop now for your genuine Abode Aquifier water filter which has been specifically designed and manufactured to the highest standards. 


It is simple and easy to remove without the need for any tools or to call a plumber!

Perfect for Soft Water Areas

Polyphosphate Scale Inhibition System - best suited for soft to moderately soft water types

Compact housing and unit design

Improves the taste of water and helps protect kitchen tap and cookware.

Premium Filtration – 5 Micron filter density.

Specially formulated high absorption activated carbon media.

Simple, fast and secure ‘SafeLock’ cartridge mounting system for easy replacement.

90 degree twist to open and release the cartridge. The opposite to lock.

Usage life - 5600 Litres or 6 months (whichever is soonest)

Maximum Flow Rate: 2-3 Litres per minute

Storage shelf life is 24 months

Approx Height: 260mm

Approx Diameter: 62mm