EcoAqua (ex Cuno) Drinking Water Filter System

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EcoAqua (ex Cuno) Drinking Water Filter System

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Taste, Odour & Limescale

Shop here for the EcoAqua Twist-Fit Drinking Water System

  - providing cleaner, better tasting water by reducing common contaminants. 

The replacement filter is easy to change -- twist on, twist off, no mess.

Main Features

Filtered drinking and cooking water from a designated faucet or your 3-Way kitchen tap. 

Small compact design fits easily under your sink. 

Easy-change replacement filter - twist off, twist on, no mess - 6 month filter life 

This easy change filter system incorporates a shut off valve that is activated when the cartridge is removed, this ensures that the twist fit cartridge can be changed without the need of tools or turning off the water. 

The complete kit includes:
1 x filter - 3000 Litre capacity, with Taste Odour and Scale Reduction

1 x J.G Tee valve with check valve
2 x meters of 1/4" drinking water line
1 x Filter head with inegral bracket.
* filter should be changed every 6 months.