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Hot Water Tap Booster Pump

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Hot Water Tap Booster Pump
This quiet, affordable and easy-to-install Hot Water Tap Booster Pump is a solution for customers wanting a high pressure tap but have a low pressure/gravity hot waters ystem in their home.

Low pressure hot water systems rely on the water being pulled by gravity from a loft mounted storage tank, this typically produces a maximum of 0.5 bar of pressure. 
This small in-line pump is designed to be installed under the kitchen sink and connect directly to the hot water pipe where it will add 2.0 bar of boost on demand. 

The pump has a built-in automatic flow switch which means it will energise when the hot water lever on the tap turned on and stop running when you turn the lever off again.

Please note the flow switch requires a minimum of 0.8 litres flow per minute to operate. If you do not know how to check your hot water flow rate, give us a call.

The flexible hoses enable the pump to be installed in two different horizontal positions making the installation more versatile. The pump also has four anti-vibration feet to eliminate vibration when running.

The pump is supplied with 1.4 meters of cable, it can either be connected to a fused spur or wired to the standard 3 pin plug included loose within the box. If the plug is fitted the pump can simplyplug it in to a power outlet under your kitchen cupboards just like a dishwasher or fridge.

We can also supply flexible hoses with push-fit ends designed to fit over standard 15mm copper pipe these hoses will make the installation even easier!