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Zara 3-Way Kitchen Filter Tap Stainless Steel

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  1. #Product Info#

    Shop now for the Zara 3-Way kitchen filter tap in a stylish Stainless Steel. 

    Rotational spout 360 °
    Ceramic heads.
    2 flexible pipes 3/8 "- 400 mm.
    1 hose connection to the filter 1/2 "- 400 mm with quick connector.

    Kitchen tap with two independent circuits: first for mixing hot and cold water (right), second for connection to filtered water (left side).

    Unlike traditional faucet dual handle which provide either hot or cold tap water, 3-way kitchen faucets make it easy to access fresh, filtered water. The water softener system is well hidden below the kitchen sink. Only the third lever of the kitchen tap indicates it is linked to an under-sink water filtration system.
    The modern design of this 3-way kitchen tap in Stainless Steel finish makes it as efficient as stylish.

    5 Year Warranty. 
  2. #Dimensions#

    Total height of the tap: 290 mm. 

    The height to the end of the spout: 225 mm. 

    Range of the spout: 214 mm.

  3. #Install Instructions# 

    Before installing the ensure that the hot water and cold water supply pipes are correctly connected. If you are in front of the tap, the hot water outlet should be on the left and the cold outlet on the right.

    Make sure that the water supply system is equipped with mesh filters so that no dirt such as sand, rust, scale or other contaminants gets in to the tap head.
    The customer is obliged to regularly unscrew and clean the aerator (mixing nozzle) of scale, rusy and other foreign matter. In the event of heavy pollution of the aerator, replace it with a new one.

    Maximum working water pressure : up to 5 bar—use a pressure reducer for higher pressures.
    Water temperature: 4 ° C - 70 ° C. Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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